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      Sleeping Bags

      Keep yourself warm and dry on your next adventure with one of these comfy sleeping bags. From mummy to classic flannel to envelope, the styles we've selected offer you a range of protection options, so whether you’re hiking the Appalachian Trail or glamping with your family in a yurt, there’s sure to be a model that suits your needs.

      10 Best Sleeping Bags

      Sleep On It, Then In It: Choosing A Great Sleeping Bag

      Choosing the right sleeping bag involves the consideration of many factors, but the two primary concerns are simple. They can be referred to in terms of temperature and weight. That is to say how cold are the temperatures from which the bag must protect you, and how much can your bag weigh before it becomes a burden instead of a boon.

      If you are choosing a sleeping bag for basement sleepovers or for friends crashing on the couch, these factors are in fact not very important. Go ahead and choose a big, comfortable sleeping bag that will act as much like a comforter or quilt as a carefully designed piece of gear. But if you're a climber, hiker, camper, or a prepper looking to outfit a survival pack, temperature and weight are critical concerns. Indeed, they far outweigh comfort in terms of importance.

      So, first look at a bag's degree rating. For example, sleeping bags rated at 30 degrees Fahrenheit should be able to keep a person warm enough for safety (if not comfort) at temperatures just below freezing. But make sure you factor in issues like windchill when considering what degree rating is suitable for your purposes. If you regularly camp out on glaciers or cliffs, then you might need a bag rated well below the freezing mark. (Indeed, some superlative sleeping bags are rated at sixty degrees below zero!)

      A sleeping bag that is too heavy or bulky to easily fit in with the rest of your camping gear isn't a savvy choice no matter how warm it is. If you are a hiker or climber, you have to select a sleeping bag that can be compressed enough to fit in your pack and to not add too much extra weight. Every ounce counts, so be ready to spend the extra cash for a bag made with advanced materials that allow for reduced weight. For example, you might spend only forty dollars on a bag that weighs almost six pounds or as much as two hundred dollars on a sleeping bag that weighs less than three pounds; when all your gear -- including food and water -- already weighs forty pounds or more, you'll feel why that extra cash was worth it.

      For cabin or RV camping, backyard hangouts, or for having a sleeping bag on hand for guests, comfort outweighs other concerns. Your thermostat or the fireplace in your cabin will provide plenty of warmth, and you won't be carrying your gear far, so your bag can be large and heavy. You also don't have to worry about factors like water repellence or slender design for these scenarios, so feel free to choose a cloth bag that's big enough for two sleepers to share.