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      Dog Water Bottles

      Taking your furry friend with you on a long hike or camping trip is one of life's great pleasures. Unfortunately, if you don't want your pup drinking out of sketchy streams or ponds, you also need to pack hydration for him. These dog water bottles come with serving dishes that make satisfying Fido's thirst easy and convenient, so you both can get on with your adventures.

      10 Best Dog Water Bottles

      The Importance Of Dog Water Bottles

      Hydration is key to a dog's health. It is a common misconception that simply panting means a dog is thirsty; panting is actually the main way dogs regulate the temperature of their bodies. That doesn't mean they won't gladly accept a drink from a dog water bottle on a hike though; dogs thoroughly enjoy water. But the signs and symptoms of dehydration are different in a dog.

      A dehydrated dog will change in appearance. They will appear more sluggish, have sunken eyes, and have a dry, chapped nose. If the dog is excessively panting with a dry mouth and thick saliva, this is a sign that is time to break out the dog water bottle. Other signs include dark, concentrated urine, vomiting, diarrhea, wobbly legs, and dry, parched skin.

      As dogs have yet to develop the ability to speak English, the best we can do is to look for signs and symptoms of their body's dehydration, and be prepared with water. The common method of pouring water into a cupped hand in hopes to hydrate a parched dog may be futile, as dogs scoop water into their mouths using the back of their tongue. This is also why dogs create such a mess when drinking; lapping water is not as easy as they make it look.

      A dog water bottle has a much larger chamber than a cupped hand, and is much more convenient for dogs to drink from; thus enabling them to actually quench their thirst when out on a long hike or walking around the neighborhood.