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      Acrylic Paint Sets

      Whether you're used to working with watercolors or oils and want to try out a new medium, or you'd like to inspire a young artist to begin creating on a more serious level, these acrylic paint sets are a perfect choice. They're also great for the arts and crafts enthusiasts out there, as they work well for decorating wood, glass, clay, ceramics, and fabrics.

      10 Best Acrylic Paint Sets

      Brush With Greatness: The Ideal Acrylic Paint Set

      Acrylic paint has only been in widespread use since the middle of the 20th century. In fact, the paint was not even developed until the mid 1930s and has only existed in a useable form since the late 1940s. And when first released, it was intended for use as a house paint. The audacious artists of the day quickly adopted the bright, quick-drying paint for use in their works, however, and some of the most iconic artwork from the 1900s was wrought in vibrant acrylics. Look no further than Warhol's soup cans or images of Marilyn Monroe for iconic examples.

      Though still relatively new to the art scene, acrylic paint has a number of positive attributes worth mentioning in detail. When it comes time to choose the right acrylic paints for yourself, you need worry less about the brief but bright history of this medium and instead focus on what comes in a given set of paints. Almost all acrylic paint sets will fit the budget of almost any artist. Even higher-end options with dozens of tubes of paint usually cost well under fifty dollars, with some high-quality options priced closer to thirty dollars. That low price is but one of the reasons acrylic is the ideal paint for exploration. Simply put, the artist can afford to waste this paint.

      However, many of the higher priced sets that contain those dozens of tubes of paint actually do their owners a disservice, offering too little of each color for genuine experimentation. A better idea is often to buy a set with fewer different colors of paint but with larger amounts of the colors they do offer. That allows for liberal blending and mixing of colors, letting the artist create her own specific hues rather than painstakingly squeezing out the last drops of paint from a too-small tube. If you are comfortable with this approach, do be certain that any paints you choose come with a copious supple of black and white, and consider buying separate portions of these critical colors.

      Most acrylic paints are bright and vibrant, and indeed that is what many artists prize about them. Still, there are options available with more muted tones that lend themselves to landscapes, en plein air painting, and other such types of works. If that is type of art you hope to create, then a larger set with myriad shades of colors might be a better set than one with larger volumes but limited variety. These sets can help you find a shade close to what you need that can then be "softened" with the addition of some white or gray paint, meaning less time worrying about creating a perfect color and more time painting the scene you see before your eyes.