Things all women should do to support each other

16 Stories Of Women Helping Women That’ll Make You Scream “Females Are Strong As Hell!!!”

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most helpful thing a woman's ever done for them. Here are some of the best responses:

1. The spare tampon miracle:

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"I unexpectedly got my period while at a football game. I found the closest restroom I could and it was packed, there was a line. I ran in and screamed 'Ladies!! I need a tampon!!!' to about 35 women that I didn’t know. About 15 women pulled tampons out for me, and they let me skip the line so I could clean up. If that’s not women having each other’s backs, I don’t know what is!"


2. The cries for help that got answered in the best way:

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"My toddler had been on again/off again sick with the flu earlier this year for WEEKS. I was desperate, pissed off, and smelly from dealing with it. I made an Instagram story talking about being stuck home with my sick, sleeping child and how badly I could use a latte. Forty-five minutes, later Uber Eats arrived at my door with McDonald's iced coffee and two pies for me. My mom friend saw my cry and answered. It felt like a lifeline in a time of snot, barf, and exhaustion."


3. The angel at the bar:

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"My friend and I went out to a bar one night just to catch up, two guys came up to us and refused to leave, no matter how much we rejected them. It got to the point that we wanted to finish our drinks and leave when my brother's ex-girlfriend came over, pretended to be a friend we hadn’t seen in a while, told them to fuck off, and invited us to come and sit with her until the guys left."


4. The supportive classmate:

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"I'm in high school, and I was in a group project with this dude and one other girl. The girl could obviously see that I was very stressed about the project. After a class when we had work time for the project and we were all packing up, she looked me in the eyes and said, 'If you ever want to talk about anything with me, you can.' She was really nice to me for the whole project and tried to calm me down from being so stressed about it. We don't really talk to each other, but it felt really nice to have a girl I didn't really know try to be so nice to me especially because I don't have that many friends."


5. The fellow breastfeeder:

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"I have a six-week-old daughter who is breastfed. I had to feed her while in the mall a couple days ago and I was getting a lot of stares and dirty looks while sitting on a bench feeding my baby. A lady not much older than me comes and sits by me with a baby boy not much older than my daughter and proceeds to breastfeed her baby as well. She grasped my hand and said, 'We’re doing the best we can.' And I don’t know what it was about her saying that but it made me tear up. I was feeling all alone and she showed me that I wasn’t."


6. The encouraging party-goer:

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"While I was abroad in Sweden, I went to a party. I was feeling nervous/self conscious because of my complexion (I’m Latina, so I was about the only brown-skinned girl at the party) when suddenly a Swedish girl came up from nowhere, grabbed me by the shoulders and said, 'You’re beautiful.' That comment was the push I needed, I never felt down again and enjoyed the whole night."


7. The mentor who went above and beyond:

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"I started my teaching career doing daily and long-term substituting. The woman who was my mentor for one of these gigs found out I was looking for a full-time job and nominated me for a position at a great school in the next county. She's the reason I got my first full time job, moved out on my own, and now have a growing savings account and confidence in my abilities."


8. The thoughtful Venmo-er:

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"My friend and I were texting and she knew I was down because of a boy who treated me wrong. She simply reminded me what a great person I am and that any guy would be lucky to have me. Her words were enough, but she also sent me $5 on Venmo to treat myself to my favorite coffee that afternoon."


9. The grocery store inspiration:

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"I will never forget the woman who paid for my mom’s groceries when I was 7. She was a young, single mom and didn’t have enough to pay for the food items for us and a small birthday cake for my grandma. When she asked the clerk to take away the cake, this lady in line insisted that she pay for it all. That woman did so much more than help us with groceries — she inspired a young girl to grow up into the kind of woman who helps other women."


10. The safe haven:

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"She offered me a place to stay so I could get out of a toxic relationship when it started becoming abusive. She put things in perspective, beat down all my excuses, and let me sleep on her couch for a month while I found a place to live. She went on the journey of breaking from that life with me, listening to me every time I needed to talk about anything (or nothing). Honestly, her busting through my bullshit excuses saved my life."


11. The tireless advocate:

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"My boss, a middle-aged woman, secured me a 17% raise after six months at my job because she said she knew women aren’t valued the same as men in their early careers and that has a negative impact on their earnings for the rest of their lives. She was clear that she didn’t want that to happen to me too. I hadn’t even asked for more money...but I’m certainly glad for it given my student loans!"


12. The unbreakable network of strength:

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"A manager at my work used derogatory language to describe my co-workers. I was the only one with him at the time and hesitant to report him, since he would know it was me. I told one of my work sisters and she encouraged me to report him. Almost all my work sisters proofread and helped me edit the email I sent to the higher-ups. He no longer works there and without the support from my work sisters, I don’t know if I would’ve been strong enough to report him like I did."


13. The daughter who knew just how to help her mother:

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"She wasn’t a woman when I felt supported from her. She was a girl. My incredible daughter was 14 when I fell and was badly injured. I was a single parent at the time and was laid up with a hip-to-toe cast on one leg and two ripped rotator cuffs in my shoulders (making crutches impossible to use). Add to that an ice storm that dumped a foot of ice on all roads and sidewalks for over a month. She stepped up, she walked her brother to and from school (he is autistic and couldn’t do it alone), she did the laundry (located in the basement). She grocery shopped and did all the running around I couldn’t do. And she never complained, not once.

She is strength, mixed with compassion and kindness. She is now 18 and it is a privilege to call her my daughter."


14. The best date ever:

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"I’ve always had date nights on Fridays with my fiancé. After we broke up, my best friend would come visit every Friday night to have a 'date night' with me so I wouldn’t feel so lost. Keeping that routine helped me keep a sense of normalcy through a tough time. And it brought us closer as friends too."


15. The wise professor:

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"I was just tired of being told to think inside the box, and that being myself wasn't going to make me popular in any of my jobs. My medieval music history teacher (the most badass, powerful woman I've ever met) told me that popular people don't change the world; it's the odd man out that challenges the foundations of our society, and the biggest splash comes from the biggest personalities. Since then, I chose to leave the university I was at and forge my own career path and I couldn't be happier."


16. And the amateur makeup artist:

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"When I was too depressed to get out of bed, one of my best girlfriends offered to come draw my eyebrows on for me. I’d honestly never been more touched."


Some responses have been lightly edited for length or clarity.

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